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We believe in long term missions that are built step by step because change requires time and a reliable journey partner. Accept our invitation to unfold this map of connections and personal development as if you were reading and revealing your own biography, left to right, page by page.

About Us

Trend is a Romanian entrepreneurial company with 100% local shareholders. It started without an initial investment, relying solely on the efforts of those who founded it in 2000. The orientation towards innovation and the openness to create new things starting from our customers’ requests have helped us to evolve together with them. All of Trend’s history is about people – from the inside, from the customer or from the international partners – and about their courage to grow together.

Our Hystory

The Beginning

2000 is the year Trend was born. Four young professionals in sales and HR, inspired by the training delivery experience during the student years and encouraged by the local market’s potential, have decided to develop and deliver sales development programs.
2001 was marked by the efforts to enter in a market still too little used to employee training approaches. Trend has developed the first courses in sales and communication and managed to draw their first customers.

First Innovations

2002 was the moment Trend obtained the first license from an international partner. In a pretty restrained market, with shy training budgets, the launch of SPIN® Selling Skills (UK) was seen as a good initiative, but extremely brave.
2003 brought the confirmation of Trend as a sales specialist. Besides the diverse courses delivered to different local companies or multinationals, the request for organizing an academy came. Trend created therefore the first Sales Academy in Romania which was delivered successfully to the customer’s whole team.
2004 came with a new Trend innovation. Our team was already in search of new methods to increase the attractiveness and impact of its programs. In this way, we discovered Eagle’s Flight (Canada) and launched in experiential learning in Romania. The first program delivered under this license – Gold of the Desert Kings™ – still remains one of the strongest learning experiences available locally.

The Expansion

22005 was the moment of the first expansion of the portfolio beyond sales topics. The results obtained in Trend programs and the specific methodology have encouraged many companies to request our team to work with managers. We started with sales managers, and later, by using the experiential learning programs, we extended the portfolio towards dedicated leadership programs to managers from other functions. We launched at that moment the Eldership concept which describes that manager oriented towards maximization – the obtainment of excellent results by building a culture based on quality relationships.
2006 brought the development department in the organization, which received the mission to build new programs, to integrate licenses and to customize the contents every time it was necessary for the organization’s customers.
2007-2010 was the regional expansions period of Trend. Despite the difficult period from an economic point of view for the whole of Europe, Trend stuck to its plan by opening new offices in Austria and Poland.
2010 was marked by the development and delivery of the first Trend assessment centres. The team expanded with experts in this area.
2010-2011 meant the integration of the first psychometric tools in Trend’s portfolio – Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) 1 and 2, Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) and Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI).

Sales Upgrade

2012 was the year Trend launched its first consultancy product. Not surprisingly, it is a product dedicated to the organization’s sales function – Sales Force Audit. The product was also successfully implemented during the same year in a Romanian entrepreneurial company.
2013 was the moment the partnership with Miller Heiman Group (USA) was signed, a leader in solutions for sales forces. Therefore, currently, Trend delivers under license two of the most known sales programs: Strategic Selling™ and Conceptual Selling™.

Going Online

2014 gave the start of a new period for Trend – the online expansion. Together with one of our customers we have developed the first on-line gamification platform – TREND Fuel. It is a solution that offers structure to the learning programs by generating engagement for the included interventions as well as for the transfer into practice.
2015 was the moment in which we launched the first on-line platform for development and assessment centres TREND Explorer. Its purpose is to make the evaluator’s work more efficient and to optimize data processing and storage.
2016 was the moment of the development and launch of the Feedback 360 platform TREND Portrait – a flexible solution, which can be customized in order to adapt to the customer’s performance management system.


We evolve together with our customers, offering them memorable learning experiences. We study closely what’s happening in the business environment, trends in the learning area, the technological impact. We search for the best methods to trigger relevant changes through which individuals and organizations can optimize their actions in an accelerated evolution environment.

In order to generate the desired impact, we use tested and validated methodologies at an international and local level.

Experiential Learning

Experience is a strong professor. In concrete work situations, it can sometimes be very costly to learn from your mistakes. In a learning program, this valuable method implies far fewer risks.
We invite the participants in a story with no apparent connection to real life. The theme and facilitator create an atmosphere which generates involvement and fun through which apparently is just a game. Further analysis leads to powerful personal discoveries, highlighting behaviours and their results (similar with those from the work place). Such an experience always ends with the identification of certain points to change in one’s own daily actions.

Behavioural analysis

A concrete change – this is the expected result from any learning program. Concrete means clear, observable. In order to make things this way, we chose to use behavioural analysis.
Both our courses as well as our consultancy programs, assessment/development centres are built starting with the analysis of the existent behaviours and ends with recommendations regarding behavioural changes.
The analysis of the exercises and roleplays, but also the feedback given to the participants to our programs go beyond the consultant’s subjective opinion. They rely on concrete behaviours which are observed and analysed and which participants can easily recognize, both during the program with us, as well as in their work place activity.

Human Synergistics Tools

The concepts from psychology are very valuable for obtaining changes in business. Their integration is however pretty difficult considering their diversity and academic approach. We searched therefore for tolls through which we can bring psychology in business in a concise and applicable manner. Thus, we stopped at Human Synergistics.
Human Synergistics tools – Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) 1 and 2, Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) and Organizational Culture Inventory® (OCI) – focus in a unique model – Circumlex™ – a large part of the most valuable discoveries in the psychology field with business applicability.
The concepts, questionnaires, appliance and processing methodology, as well as the models used in development programs make the Human Synergistics tools a set of efficient and adaptable solutions to different types of individual, group or organizational change programs.


Hogan Assessments tools are used for the understanding of the personality in organizational context. The three tools included in this battery are:
• Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
• Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
• Motives Values Preferences Inventory (MVPI).
We use them in our consultancy projects for that, based on them, we can identify strong points and aspects which can be compensated through behavioural changes.


The personality profile Persolog® has been developed by Dr. John G. Geier, professor at the Minneapolis University, USA. The tool has been translated in 30 languages and used by over 40 million people. Persolog® follows the scientific model DISC and is the results of scientific research of over 40 years undertaken by Prof. Dr. John Geier and his team.


Trend portfolio includes licenses obtained from the following international partners:

Global leader in experiential learning programs

  Building organizations through people!

Leader in the solution field for increasing performance in sales

Integrates relevant discoveries from the psychology field in tools which help companies increase their performance by acting on an individual, group or organizational culture level.
Offers personality analysis tools with relevant conclusions in the business environment.