Leadership training for top managers

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Applied leadership is a practical program for leadership development. The participants develop skills in individual practice sessions or with top managers side by side, through business simulations, working with a personal advisor and applying concepts followed by helpful feedback. The participants take part in learning sessions made of small groups and also in practice sessions alongside a dedicated advisor/coach, during which they practice both through business simulations and based on real situations from their specific daily activity. The program alternates learning and practical application of concepts, individualized practice and feedback.

The standard version of the program includes:

  • 4 individual sessions
  • 4 group sessions (small learning groups: 6-8 participants)
  • 1 session for applying the concepts/ tools analyzed in business simulations
  • 1 session for applying the concepts/ tools analyzed in real situations from the participant’s activity
Afterwards, the participants can continue the program with individual coaching sessions.

The standard version of the program deepens a selection of skills considered most relevant by our clients in development programs dedicated to top leaders in the last 15 years.

The practice is done by:

  • Learning in small groups
  • 1 to 1 meetings
  • Business simulations
  • Discussions on topics from the participant’s real activity
  • Recurring meetings over a long period of time
  • Working with a dedicated advisor
  • Specific and constant feedback from the advisor on each skill
  • Individual modules customized for each participant


  • The participants will practice to
    (behavior examples)

    Take into account the impact of their decision on long-term results

    Always have the big picture in mind

    Make decisions even in ambiguous situations

    Define long-term strategic goals


  • The participants will practice to
    (behavior examples)

    Generate the need for change

    Show others the impact a change can have on them and manage their fears

    Build solutions through the integration of ideas proposed by the interlocutor


  • The participants will practice to
    (behavior examples)

    Discuss the implications and consequences when presenting their arguments

    Adapt their messages depending on the experience, context and the audience’s expectations

    Listen actively, request points of view, check the understanding level


  • The participants will practice to
    (behavior examples)

    Self evaluate their own strengths in a realistic manner and development areas

    Be aware of their emotional state and the factors that can influence the behavior

    Understand the way thoughts, emotions and behaviors can affect others


Benefits for
the participating leaders:

Capitalize on leadership potential by becoming aware of the development areas and strengths

Increase the personal ability to make changes and create long-term strategies and to generate the teams’ commitment in their implementation

Accelerate learning of concepts and best practices applied in management and leadership

Practice leadership skills in an individualized and confidential manner

Explore aspects related to personal emotions and cognitive biases in leadership activity, in a secure and professional environment

Access to a mentor or coach for preparing or overcoming challenging, complex or very important situations for the participant

the organization:

Accelerated and personalized development of leaders who have reached this role at a different pace and with different training

Increase the ability of participants to create long-term strategies and make changes and to engage their teams in their implementation

Increase the performance and personal impact of the participants on the teams they coordinate

Capitalize on the leadership potential of the participants

Develop the ability to manage organizational problems and challenges by the participants


Program derulat alături de profesioniști

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