Management Practice

What managers do every day (delegate, organize, give and ask for feedback, evaluate performance, implement changes, set directions) and especially how they do it leads to their success more than the knowledge they have. Even those who are not born leaders can be effective managers if a number of core competencies are used.
With over 20 years of experience in conducting management competencies assessment and development centers, TREND has generated an x-ray of the competencies needed for performance, with strengths and their development needs, as well as a solution built specifically for business needs in our country (a training curriculum built on the observed behavioral patterns).

Management Process

Crearea unui standard comportamental în organizație de interacțiune cu clientul printr-un workshop de definire a matricei comportamentale.


centers for development, assessments and learning journeys

Assesment Center/Development Center

360 assessment

The Management Journey

Unlike MBA programs, which help to acquire management knowledge, Trend programs develop managerial competencies in terms of skills (the ability to use key behaviors necessary for performance) and attitudes (through experiential learning) necessary for managerial performance.
Relevant competencies for managers are related to communication, delegation, planning and organization, team development and feedback, performance management, change management, customer relationship management and personal efficiency.
For support in building an efficient managerial path, we are one click away.