Ascendia is the first eLearning company in Romania listed on BVB, with experience in creating interactive educational content, such as eLearning. She is known for the learning platform CoffeeLMS and for the eLearning course editor LIVRESQ.

Global Leader in Experiential Learning Programs.

Evolution Journey is an online source for continuous learning in Romanian. Built on Trend's over 20 years of experience in training and consulting, Evolution Journey offers assessment tools, e-learning modules, online and offline courses, career counseling, coaching, and psychological counseling.

Provides personality analysis tools with relevant findings in business environment.

HR Club is the association of human resources professionals in Romania, an organization with a major contribution in establishing trends in human resources whose purpose is to encourage the development of human resources by supporting and promoting best practices in the field

Integrates relevant findings in the field of psychology into tools that help companies increase their performance by acting on an individual, group or organizational culture.

Apart from the Personality Factor Model, Persolog offers many further tools for personnel and organizational development.