Sales Practice

For any organization, the way it builds and executes its sales strategy is the key to the long-term success of the business, regardless of market conditions. The existence of a formal sales process is the cornerstone, and above this level is added the experience, attitude and style of each seller.
Especially the native sellers tend to disregard the procedural, orderly, repeated and repeatable part of the sales activity, relying almost exclusively on talent, connections, inspiration. In the consulting activity we see situations in which the teams are far from systematically structuring their sales processes, for this reason we have structured a process for each level of the organization.

Sales Performance Process

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programs, workshops, training, individual and team coaching sessions

Sales Skills Self Evaluation

Sales Professional Certificate

Sales Performance Journey

Sales Management Journey

Sales Culture Scanner

Sales Process Builder


You understand how your customer buys, step by step, and what he/ she expects from you.
You find out how long the process takes. If the total number of hours required for each activity in the process exceeds the maximum load of your team, the solution is to transfer some of the activities to a Sales Support team, so that sellers have as much sales time as possible, or to use technological solutions to supplement support activities (eg a CRM system)
You learn how to structure the team. Various stages of the sales process require different skills. For example, some people have technological and social media skills – and get leads from the digital environment – but do not feel comfortable at business events, which require other skills..
You empower sellers to complete the sales process: to ensure that a customer receives the value that the purchased product or service promises.
For support in shaping or perfecting the sales process, we are just one click away.