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The Leadership Journey

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A person committed to becoming the best version of himself/herself
turns into a natural leader just by the power of example.

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream big, constantly learn, do better and become more, then you are an excellent leader.

What is the difference between
a manager and a leader?

A manager is just a position in a company, a diploma, a job in the nomenclature of jobs. A manager cannot simply become a Leader, anyway and anywhere
Whereas a Leader will become a manager, eventually. If he isn’t already in that position.


  • Enough about you,
    let’s talk about you!

    You receive a complete tool, a 360-degree feedback questionnaire, followed by an individual counselling. What are your strengths? What qualities do you need to acquire to become a leader? The 360 questionnaire translates the six values into specific behaviours; each leader receives feedback and can build a personal development plan.



    What are you doing? How are you doing it?

  • The Gold Retriever!

    This module allows participants to directly experience the differences between having a clear vision versus a foggy one, between the strategy implementation in operational tasks versus losing sight of it as soon as obstacles appear.



    Tell me where you’re going, maybe I want to join you

  • Why not both?!

    This is a module about how organizational culture influences a company's ability to achieve sustainable success, about how culture is built and who is responsible for it and about the impact a leader has on culture.



    You don’t have to choose, you can have both

  • Trust me, I got this!

    In this module, relevant leadership behaviours are highlighted to create empowerment. A successful leader is one whose team acts independently towards the goal, without needing constant approval or support.



    Your team’s potential is your potential

  • The man of the people!

    The module uses 2 experiential learning sessions to highlight assertive and result-oriented communication behaviours. Interpersonal skills (persuasion, giving feedback) contribute to creating relations and building a constructive dynamic at the level of the management team, but also in the organization, in the interaction with people, thus being essential to ensure the achievement of the desired results.



    You’re right, but you don’t know how to say it without hurting others

  • Let’s have Funnel!

    There are organizations where people feel they’re wasting their lives. They only offer work hours. They do it for the money and that’s it. However, there are also organizations where people, with a smile on their face, contribute with more than just work. They bring enthusiasm, creativity, ideas, and courage. These are organizations with constructive cultures.



    Dream, plan, execute, get results, enjoy

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions!

    There is the expectation that a group of leaders have to make a quality decision quickly, even under pressure and uncertainty. The members of any such group, however, are people with communication styles, needs, interests, and fears. All these things interfere in the decision-making process and can influence the quality of the result in one direction or another.



    A decision is good when it brings the desired results

  • Feel the change!

    This module talks about the ability of the leader to get the commitment of the team when change occurs, to maintain motivation despite the effort required and to keep the team on the desired path. This process involves sustained efforts before reaching the desired results.



    Change generator or affected by change?

Benefits tailored to your program

  • Assessment of individual leadership style.

  • Participation in the program along other leaders from various industries, companies, and organizations.

  • Assessing the collaboration and interaction style of your management team.

  • Experiential learning process in which every participant has personal discoveries, triggered by the experiences they go through, not by hollow, theoretical and often irrelevant notions.

What do the
have to gain?

The managerial skills needed in any organization to coordinate people: feedback, building a growth mindset, delegating, motivating, managing different points of view, coaching, assertive communication, performance management, coordinating the achievement of results.

Discover new perspectives from new industries and managerial characteristics depending on the type of team.

Train and refine existing managerial skills in a conscious way.

What does the
have to gain?

It offers managers a unified development program and it achieves alignment in managerial competencies.

It provides integrative learning solutions and multiple development tools for the management team.

It benefits from new elements of innovation discovered by managers through interactions with other organizations in the Romanian market.

It stimulates the learning process for managerial skills and contributes to the sustainable construction of results.

The team

Courses taught by professionals from various industries

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  • We recently celebrated 10 years of Perutnina in Romania. 10 years with beautiful people, colleagues, and business partners. Together we overcame challenges and enjoyed successes. Although we were all on the right track, with similar values, we did not all have the same rhythm, a unitary direction and most importantly, we did not always speak the "same language". Our story in Trend began more than 1 year ago, when after a discussion with Ilinca, we felt that we had found what we were looking for. And so it was. TLJ has introduced new tools that help us on a daily basis. Both my colleagues and I understood and explained a lot to each other. We learned to listen to each other, to understand a different perception, to speak openly, to explain "why", to ask questions and quickly build solutions. Today we are different people, a different team compared to 1 year ago. Thanks TLJ.


    Florin Lupu
    Managing Partner Perutnina