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“To lead people, walk behind them”.

Lao Tzu

2500 years ago, Lao Tzu stated the simplest definition of a manager. However, a good example can also be found in the wild. Let's imagine a pack of wolves moving through the mountains. The first wolves in the pack are the weak and sick ones. Because any team moves at the speed of the slowest member. The power of each wolf resides in the pack, as the power of the pack resides in each wolf. Here we can recognize the unity of a department as well as the individual and shared responsibilities of the team.

But where is the alpha element?

Where is the manager?

He is the last one. Behind the pack. From this position, he can identify any type of danger or threat for his team.

Learning is easy, in your own style.

If the act of management can be learned relatively quickly and simply, becoming a leader requires constant and conscious practice along continuous learning.

Through assessment and experiential learning sessions, TMJ identifies the leader's typology, strengths, and areas in need of development and provides very powerful personal insights on how to improve the ability to lead the team in a safe environment.

Growth in 7 modules:

  • My way or the highway!

    This module invites participants to explore their managerial approach and how style and positioning impact relationships and results. With these tools, the manager can configure the approach and journey his team has to follow.



    Roles, styles and positioning in management

  • Show me the money!

    There are many models and planning tools, but they don’t guarantee the results. This session focuses on highlighting the principles needed to achieve results, the impact of organization and the monitoring of the result.



    Setting goals, planning, and monitoring the results

  • Up, up and away!

    Throughout this module, managers identify specific growth mindset behaviours and understand how to constructively manage errors and challenges. Also, they learn the science of feedback – receiving and giving it.



    How to approach mistakes, receiving and giving feedback

  • Just do it!

    The module invites managers to see how giving up control and encouraging initiative can generate both increased results and a constructive environment for the team.



    About delegation, motivation and when to give up control

  • Suffering from success…

    Helps identify key management behaviours that can transform the performance management process into one with a positive impact on people development and business results.



    The performance management process, the evaluation talk

  • Help me to help you!

    Participants discuss the behaviours of coaching in the workplace and about how they can help the team to grow. About coaching, specific skills and attitudes needed, as well as about specific models of leading a discussion aimed at helping the other person find a solution.



    Coach vs. Manager, listening, coaching questions

  • I beg to differ!

    Participants discover what behaviours lead to understanding and agreement and become aware of how discussions can degenerate into conflict. They identify the specific behaviours that require change as well as constructive alternatives.



    Understanding another perspective, persuasion

Benefits tailored to your program

Discover your personal management style, its impact and how it influences the team and the results.

Learn about key management behaviours that transform the manager-employee relationship and have a positive impact on people development and business results.

Each module includes an “Apply it” section, where participants practice the tools and behaviours learnt through examples from their workplace reality.

What do the
have to gain

The managerial skills needed in any organization to coordinate people: feedback, building a growth mindset, delegating, motivating, managing different points of view, coaching, assertive communication, performance management, coordinating the achievement of results.

Discover new perspectives from new industries and managerial characteristics depending on the type of team.

Train and refine existing managerial skills in a conscious way.

What does the
have to gain?

It offers managers a unified development program and it achieves alignment in managerial competencies.

It provides integrative learning solutions and multiple development tools for the management team.

It benefits from new elements of innovation discovered by managers through interactions with other organizations in the Romanian market.

It stimulates the learning process for managerial skills and contributes to the sustainable construction of results.

The team

Courses taught by professionals from various industries

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